About the Inventor

Adrian Vasquez has been a Professional Stylist, Salon Owner and CEO for nearly 4 decades – he knows hair!

Getting a seat in Adrian’s chair is exciting and informative! Adrian loves his clients and enjoys not only giving them fabulous hair styles, but teaching his clients how to achieve the same results at home using the proper tools and techniques.

Throughout his career, Adrian has commiserated with countless colleagues about the physical demands of being a stylist. In recent years, the stress and strain has ramped up in response to the trend of sleek styles requiring rigorous blow drying sessions. His clients, too, have shared stories of pain and fatigue while trying to emulate today’s smooth looks at home.

So Adrian decided to do something about it. Knowing that the key to a fabulous blow out is angling the airflow downward, he researched dryer attachments (or “concentrators”) currently on the market and found them lacking in one basic thing: adjustability. Surely there’s a way to achieve soft, smooth results while saving arms, shoulders and wrists in the process?

Then it hit him, and the NZ3 “Smart Nozzle” was born. From Adrian’s salon, “Totally You” in Rockford, Illinois, to wherever you achieve great style, happy hair drying!